Block Wax Melts

Wax Melts

"Nellie's Smellies" have a bigger % of fragrance to wax ratio than most you can buy on-line, so the scent is clear & long-lasting.

All melts are hand-made in sunny ole Kent, from sustainable Soy-Wax & are all EU-compliant (& labelled as such!)

Please ONLY ever purchase wax-melts if they have an ingredients list + safety warnings on the labels... if they DON'T, or if have no labels at all:- They are NOT EU-compliant & shouldn't be being sold in the UK.

Soy-Wax melts are made from soy-beans, a natural, renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers. They burn cleaner, & are non-toxic, so they won't release toxins into the air as they burn & are biodegradable.

Soy-wax typically last longer than it's paraffin counterpart, as have a slower burning time & cooler burning temperature. You may pay more for a soy-melt initially, but the longer-lasting burn means you won't have to buy as many!

  • PINE
  • LILY

Prices start at £2.90




  • APRICOT: A strong apricot fragrance, with warm musk & ambery undertone
  • BAKEWELL TART: Classic bakewell tart with a hint of vanilla
  • BLACKBERRY PLUM: Fresh blackberries with an undertone of juicy plum
  • BLUEBELL: Bluebells & hyacinth enriched with notes of galbanum, rose & jasmin
  • BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE: Creamy cheesecake with plump blueberries
  • CAPPUCCINO: Rich & strong fresh brewed coffee with a hint of cream 
  • CARAMEL: Delicious, creamy caramel
  • CARAMEL CHESTNUT: Roasted chestnuts with caramel & cinnamon
  • CARAMEL COFFEE: Fresh coffee with a smooth blend of caramel & cream 
  • CARAMEL CREME BRULEE: Vanilla custard with a hint of caramalized brown sugar
  • CHERRY: Strong blend of cherries with an ameretto undertone
  • CHOCOLATE CAKE: Warm devils food chocolate cake: "death by chocolate!"
  • CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE: Delicious cinnamon coffee cake
  • COCONUT LIME: A rich creamy coconut fragrance enlivened by fresh lime & verbena 
  • COTTON FRESH: Fresh, crisp linen, with a hint of blossom
  • CRANBERRY PEACH CIDER: Sparkling apple cider, with a splash of fresh cranberries & peach
  • FREESIA:  A floral blend of summery freesia flowers
  • FRUITY FIVE: Smooth blend of peach, melon, coconut, strawberry & vanilla
  • GRAPEFRUIT TWIST: Tropical grapefruit with a hint of coconut & banana
  • GREEN APPLE: A delightful aroma of fresh, crisp, green apple
  • HONEY: A rich honey fragrance, rounded by beeswax & floral notes
  • INSPIRED BY: UNSTOPPABLE BLISS: Red berries & cherry with elegant jasmin & a hint of peachy sweetness
  • INSPIRED BY:UNSTOPPABLE BLUE FRESH: Sparkling citrus & juicy fruits scents wrapped into a transparent floral notes
  • INSPIRED BY: UNSTOPPABLE DREAMS: Bursting with jasmin & gourmand vanilla
  • LEMON MERINGUE: Delightfully tangy lemon with vanilla undertone
  • LEMON ZING: Zesty fresh cut lemon, with a hint of terenic 
  • LILAC ALOE: Classic aloe, with a touch of lilac
  • LILY: Sweet, fresh lilies
  • MAPLE CINNAMON: Warm maple with a hint of fresh cinnamon
  • MULLED CIDER: Clove-studded apples, spices & citrus mulled cider
  • NUTTY NANAS: Banana, brown sugar, churned butter, sugar cane, ground cinnamon, clove bud, chopped walnuts, vanilla & whipped cream
  • ORANGE VANILLA: Fresh, juicy oranges with vanilla
  • ORANGE ZING: Tangy oranges with a citric undertone 
  • PEARDROPS: Classic pear drop sweets
  • PINE: Fresh, natural evergreen coniferous pine with calone, clove leaf & thyme undertone
  • PINEAPPLE TWIST: A seriously fruity tropical pineapple, with peach & citrus undertones
  • RASPBERRY: Fresh, tart raspberries
  • RASPBERRY LIME: Tangy raspberries with lime zest 
  • RED APPLE: Delicious red apple with a hint of peach, caramel & vanilla 
  • SEA BREEZE: Fresh, cooling scent that will make you think you're right by the sea
  • SLOE-GIN: Juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica, oris & liquorice roots, with a warm sloe-berry undertone
  • SWEET PEA: Fragrant sweet pea, rose & hyacinth with a hint of jasmin & vanilla
  • VANILLA CARAMEL: Rich, creamy vanilla with a touch of caramel 
  • VANILLA ORANGE: Vanilla with fresh, juicy oranges
  • WATERMELON: Watermelon with a hint of kiwi