Als Van Balloon Race!

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Als Van is "opening in style" for the 2016 season -

with a competition to win a FREE holiday!

balloon 1


50 helium ballons will be released from Als Van's base, in Kent, on Saturday January 23rd at 12-noon (by the 2 Hoodlums, Sam & Heather!)  

balloon 1

Each have the following labels attached (back & front): 

ref a


The balloon that reaches the furthest distance, will win a Fri-Mon break at Als Van - which can be taken in 2016 or 2017 (subject to availability!) 


From experience, they can travel quite some distance: one year at Als Van for Sam's birthday - about 20 balloons were released from the cliff-top at Ashcroft Coast, with little labels asking for contact if they were found.  One managed to travel just under 200 miles!


Although, with the weather the UK has been having recently & the current gusts of wind - they could end up anywhere!


The cut-off date for contact to be made with any "found" balloons is Saturday March 12th & the winner will be announced on Monday March 14th - which is the date Als Van re-opens for 2016 rentals. 


The competition is subject to all the usual Terms & Conditions - & there are a few "rules" - which can all be found on the "Balloon Race" page.


You'll also note, a unique reference number has been allocated to each label (which isn't shown on the above!) ...  this is to prevent the small minority who may think that by emailing & "saying" they have found a balloon in Outer Mongolia, that they have a chance of winning!


The unique reference MUST be quoted for the competition entry to be valid!


Details of each "found balloon" will be shown on the "Balloon Race" page as they are received, so everyone can see how far they have travelled + that the results are fair.  Obviously, Als Van isn't anticipating all 50 to "survive" on their travels & respectfully asks that no-one goes tree-climbing etc if they should happen across one in peril!


Photos of the "big release" will be shown on the "Balloon Race" page on Jan 23rd 

Good Luck!

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