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This young man is a personal friend of AVMR and has taken the HUGE plunge of shaving his head to raise funds for the Heart4More Foundation, which AVMR actively supports...  This will be done by none other than MILLWALL FC's Aiden O'Brien after their footy match at The Den on 30-09.  Read on to DONATE (please!) 


In Jake's own words:

"I am Jake McMillan. I am a 17 year old apprentice footballer and in my spare time, I volunteer for a local Charity, the Heart4More Foundation.

The Foundation was created by Tobi Alabi, an ex-professional footballer who had a Cardiac Arrest whilst playing football and was forced to retire at the age of 19.

I am an Ambassador for the Foundation and take part in many Fundraising activities and awareness activities. I am also a trained CPR trainer and do help out at various cardiac CPR workshops within the footballing and local communities.


I wanted to do something BIG to raise funds this year so I have been growing my hair for a year and have decided to go for a HEAD SHAVE.


15 kids under the age of 18 die EVERY WEEK in the UK from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and many of these deaths are preventable. With my hair and your donations, let's prevent a few more. :)


UPDATE: Just Confirmed that Millwall's Aiden O'Brien will be shaving my head after the game on 30th September at The Den."

Just click the link shown to DONATE - even £1 will help 

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