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If you have (been sensible and) booked your October half-term break away with AVMR ... read on for some handy tips regarding your forthcoming holiday!  And if you haven't: we still have a few dates available!



Be prepared!
imageedit_66_8526895117The majority of Holiday Parks will hold some sort of "fancy-dress" competition at some point during the Oct half-term break, usually for the adults as well as the kids!
So instead of panicking at the last moment and ending up either spending a small fortune on "spur-of-the-moment" purchases from the local area, or having upset kids, (or Nans), that can't join in: take a quick visit to your local "£-shop" before you leave & pack your costumes!
halloween-2614591_1280Same as above ~ a lot of Holiday Parks will run a "best-decorated-  table" competition at some point over the Oct half-term break....
So save some ££ & take it with you!
Best-Caravan-Pumpkins-TestDon't think that by "being away" you have gotten away with the "trick-or-treat" aspect of Halloween!!!  Wink
Stock up on your £-shop sweets before you leave, as you will most probably still get that dreaded knock on the door of your caravan at some point!  (Unless you turn all lights off and hide!)
Party-Flash-LED-Noodle-Headband-Party-Rave-Costume-Fancy-Dress-Blinking-LigThe majority of Holiday Parks over the October half-term break will have some sort of "glow-y-evening" - where you are encouraged to purchased glow-sticks or glowing headbands from the on-site facilities... which can work out quite pricey!
So again - be prepared & buy at home beforehand!
(And be aware: if you do buy the tube-y-light-up-type headband on park: yes it is quite easy to get your fingers stuck in the "tubes"!!!)
Halloween-Pumpkin-HD-ImagesPlease: STAY SAFE:  NONE of the AVMR rentals will allow candles inside the Holiday Home, which includes "inside pumpkins!" There are some very valid reasons for this, as a caravan is quite simply: very flammable!  Please use battery-run tea-lights, which are widely available, if you feel the need to get sticky and mucky and scrape out the inside of a pumpkin during your stay!  (Glow-sticks curled up at the bottom also give a good effect!)  
Personally - at AVMR, we prefer "Halloween-Melons" ... as we find melon far more tastier than pumpkin, but that's personal choice!  (And are a hell of a lot easier to "carve!") 
If you are still looking for your October half-term break away - AVMR do have a few dates left ... so just enter your required holiday dates on our booking page and see what we have to offer!
And above all - regardless of where you are going or staying:
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