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AVMR's ALL NEW Christmas-Cracker-Offers!

Cracking discounted holiday offers for 2018 with AVMR!

One new offer every day through to December 31st across ALL of our available Holiday Homes in Blackpool, Kent and North Wales.

Unfortunately due to circumstances "beyond our control" we have had to alter our Christmas campaign....  BUT: you now have even MORE discounted holidays to choose from as a result!

You can now choose from any of our available Holiday Homes to grab your discounted 2018 break away.

 How does it work?



Every day through to December 31st, new holiday dates will be shown on our Christmas-Cracker page, along with a discount code....

As with all Christmas crackers, you never know what you're going to get inside until you open them, so:



  • Enter the offer dates shown into the search bar on our booking page
  • Hit the "Check Availability" button
  • Input the discount code into the "Promo Code" box at the top of the page, (if you've got it right, it will "glow green"...  if you've got it wrong, it will "glow red!")
  • Our available discounted holidays will pop up 
  • Choose your Holiday Home and change the "0" to "1"
  • Hit that "RESERVE" button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your booking.

At the moment - ANY holiday with AVMR can be reserved for just £25.00, so it won't break the bank over the festive season!

Don't forget though:- the offer changes every day, so if you see your holiday & don't book it - the offer will be gone the following day!



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