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AVMR would like to say a few "Thank-Yous" as 2017 comes to a close...  and also, (of course), to wish you ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.



AVMR was "born" out of an unexpected redundancy in March 2017, which hasn't been the easiest of years to deal with as a result!

But with a LOT of help and support - AVMR has come along in leaps and bounds ever since: and we have even bigger plans for 2018!  (So watch this space!) 

Our aim has been to provide a superb private rental service for Holiday Homes all over the UK for our guests and a fully managed rental package to our Owners.  

We've lost a few properties as they've been sold and we've gained some lovely new Holiday Homes and owners too, so lots of "change" in our first year... 

We've dealt with over 250 holiday-bookings since March 2017, have answered over 3500 emails, over 3000 "Facebook" enquiries, lost count of telephone enquires (!), had around 10 cancellations, and happily only the 1 eviction!!

We've made a lot of new friends from our own lovely AVMR  owners, along with other owners in all the areas we cover, who've helped us to "get our name out there", through to our fabulous cleaning/house-keeping team, the holiday park staff and of course, our gorgeous-guests!!!


AVMR would like to say a BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who's helped to get the company off the ground this year:- offered us help, support, and at times a shoulder to cry on or a person to curse at (!), which has in turn made us stronger and determined to be "bigger and better" for 2018!


In particular:- thanks go out to:

  • RUTH: Whose support has been overwhelming at times: we couldn't have done it without you!  (& if anyone would like a lovely Cornish holiday - please click here!)
  • JEMMA: The head of our cleaning/housekeeping team, who's battled through dirty laundry, bags of rubbish, tight schedules, last-min bookings and still came through the other end of it all smiling. 
  • CLAIRE: A fellow holiday agent, who has offered untold amounts of help to AVMR this season and has now become a firm friend (check out her website here!)
  • RHONDA: Who works tirelessley for the Heart4More Foundation and has given us bundles of support this year at AVMR.
  • GAIL: who handed over her "Facebook page" to AVMR when she sold her property to help boost our advertising ... (and has now branched out into bath-bombs, which are fantastic - check them out here!) 
  • TRACY: Who also handed her "Facebook Page" over to AVMR when she sold up!
  • ALL OF OUR LOVELY AVMR OWNERS:  Who have put up with our moans and groans for the past 9 months!
  • LISA & SHARRON: who have endlessley shared out the AVMR advertising!
  • SAM and HEATHER: Who have "lost" their mother to AVMR and have managed (somehow), not to kill each other in the process (yet....)


 (Now it feels like we're collecting some sort of award!!!) 




As our guest: You can expect excellent personal customer service, from the moment you ask for your quote right through to your actual holiday. All of our Holiday Homes are fully equipped and maintained to a very high standard, to provide you with the best holiday possible. We have a range of properties to suit all budgets, at a variety of Holiday Parks throughout the UK. We realise how precious “Family-Holiday-Time” is nowadays with our busy life schedules and we will simply do our very best to ensure your holiday with AVMR reflects that. Take a look at our website for more details:


As one of our owners: we simply treat your Holiday Home as we would our own with regards to rentals (& yes: we are also owners ourselves!) We have solid documentation in place for every rental and are dedicated to provide you with the “stress-free” management service you require! We have some basic details here: - but have a much more detailed information pack we can email by request.



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