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AVMR get booked VERY quickly over the summer season and lots were disappointed in 2017 as they had left it too late to book!  DON'T be one of them in 2018!  

"Late offers" are rare, (as many discovered in 2017!) and in reality:  if you wait until a few weeks before you want to start your summer holiday in the hopes of a "cheaper deal", chances are all you will end up with is "no holiday" as our dates will all be booked!

  • Book now on our Half-Price Deposit offer and all it will cost you to secure your summer holiday is £25.  (With the remaining £25 payment due by 28-02)
  • Take advantage of our Easy-Pay option, and you have months to fund your summer holiday!  The balance isn't due until 6-weeks prior to arrival and can be paid as and when YOU choose.  Receipts and balance statement are issued with every payment made.
  • REDUCED BREAKS: If you pay in full at point of booking, you can grab yourself a reduced priced summer holiday!  The "Buy-It-Now" option will be shown on your holiday search on our booking page.


Our summer dates are beginning to fill now, so don't delay your booking with us!



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