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For every booking taken during February, AVMR will donate £5 to The Heart4More Foundation, who strive to provide defibrillators into any "public place" that may need one.

Thousands of lives could be saved:  read on....


The figures are just shocking:

12-15 young people under the age of 30 die every week in the UK due to a sudden cardiac arrest, (SCA.)  Of those 12-15: SEVEN of those deaths occur in school.

There are 10-14 cardiac related incidents in schools across the country on a weekly basis, but having a defibrillator on the school premises is still not a legal requirement and less than 10% of schools in the country have one.

Without immediate treatment from a defibrillator, 80% of SCA victims will die.

Many public workshops have been held last year, with many more planned for 2018 at various events, schools, clubs, shopping centres and out on the street, to show the "ordinary person" how to perform CPR. 

Would YOU know what to do?


AVMR have plans to work with Heart4More over 2018 to help to get defibrillators onto our UK Holiday Parks.  We'll keep you updated with any news.

As February is World Heart Month, alongside (of course) Valentine's on the 14th for the more romantic of you out there .....  AVMR will donate £5 to Heart4More for EVERY booking we take during the month of February.

So - by booking your holiday in February, you will also be helping a very worthwhile cause.  If you want to donate directly - just click here.

Every little helps. 


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