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Holiday-Home berth (not "birth!!") - does it really matter that much if you take extra people with you on your private rental?

In a word: YES!

Read on........



Lots of guests just don't understand why there are limits in place as to how many people can stay at any one time, in any one given holiday-home.  Afterall, it doesn't matter if the guests concerned are willing to sleep on the settee or floor, or have the baby in with them in the bed - does it?  That's their choice surly?

Absolutely not!

Sadly, some naive owners also do not see a problem in accepting an infant or child, or even an extra adult as an "additional" guest to a prospective booking, as that "doesn't matter does it?"

Actually - yes it does!




If a holiday-home goes "over-berth" all sorts of potential problems appear....

The property you are staying in can only be insured for the maximum berth it was manufactured to.  So if it is an 8-berth property: the maximum amount of guests staying IS 8 (and NOT 8 plus a baby, or 8 plus my son who came down for the day and decided to stay over as a one-off after a few beers in the clubhouse!) 


Without doubt, the holiday park itself will have public liability insurance in place, so if you fall over on park grounds & break your leg:- you are covered.  HOWEVER, if it transpires you have a total of 9 people in an 8-berth property, you will find this may not be the case at all....

Any over-crowding in the holiday home itself, (ie the number of people is more than the stated berth), will render the owner's insurance totally invalid and effectively useless.  This INCLUDES babies: even a newborn only a few days old, is actually by that stage "a person" as far as insurance purposes are concerned, (contrary to a lot of guests popular belief!) 

The holiday parks themselves take a very dim view of over-crowding.  If staff realise there is more than the stated berth of the holiday home staying: you will, without doubt, be asked to leave immediately, (or at the very least, limit the numbers staying to the stated berth, which will leave some of your group stranded, going home, or booking a 2nd property for the duration of your stay.)

The owner is risking having their pitch licence removed, which effectively means they will have to remove their property from park, or have just lost their holiday home entirely.

Is it really worth that risk?


  •  6-berth Properties:  Minimum of 2-bedrooms, with a double pull-out bed in the living area
  •  8-berth Properties:  Minimum of 3-bedrooms, with a double pull-out bed in the living area
  • 10-berth Properties: Minimum of 4-bedrooms, with a double pull-out bed in the living area


Your holiday, or your holiday-rental will all be a lot easier if you just "follow the rules!" 

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