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Already this season, a few "bad rentals" have been had by both Guests and Owners, but exactly "what" is to be expected from both parties?  When to complain and when not to?  When should a bond be deducted or retained?  Read on .....








OBVIOUSLY rather important right now.

Owners and guests alike should be complying with all and any curent restrictions in place for the location of both the holiday home and the area the guest is travelling from.

As a guest: if you are offered anything that does not comply with current governmental restrictions: walk away!  You are putting your holiday-group at risk if you don't!  ENSURE your owner has specific clauses in the Terms and Conditions of your rental to cover any possible Covid-related issues.  If your owner does not state a FULL refund (including your deposit) or the option of a date-change should an enforced lockdown ocurr at the holiday home location: walk away!

Owners: you MUST ensure you stay within the guidelines for your rental, and you MUST ensure you have covered any specific Covid-related changes in your Terms and Conditions.




Gas safety & electric safety checks are required in EVERY Holiday Home, regardless of whether they are rented out or not. 

Gas safety is legally required annually, electric is every 3 years.  For a rented Holiday Home:- these certificates should be displayed within the property. 

PAT (Portable Appliance Test) requirements vary from park to park, so may or may not, be necessary at your chosen Holiday Home!  If it is, you will clearly see each appliance's plug labelled with a small green sticker to confirm it has been tested, which will be dated and should be processed annually, (any appliance under 12-months old does not require testing.) 

Guests: Owners:
You are fully entitled to ask the holiday park office to see a copy of these safety certificates for your privately-rented holiday home, if they are not displayed, should you feel it necessary. You have a legal obligation to ensure your safety certs are in place and up-to-date.  You, (or your housekeeping teams), should be keeping a regular "visual" safety check for every rental.  Any obvious un-safe items should be removed from the property, or repairs/replacements put in place. 








ALL owners work differently, some may provide a "meet and greet" service, some may require key collection from the holiday park reception office and some will have a key-safe at the property itself.





Guests: Owners:
Read your arrival documents carefully! They should state how key collection is organised and your earliest expected time of arrival.  Ensure you have provided adaquate information to your guest regarding key collection and earliest arrival times.
If your journey has been delayed, let your owner know, as alternative arrangements may have to be made for key collection. Ensure you have supplied your guest with contact numbers!

You will not be able to access the property at an earlier time than stated.  If you are collecting keys from the park office, or the property has a key-safe and you do manage to gain an early access:  chances are you are breaking the Terms and Conditions you have agreed to when booking and possibly the property has not had it's due "arrival-clean" processed!

If you do arrive on the holiday park earlier than planned, it's always worthwhile contacting your owner and asking if you would be permitted early access, but don't rely on the answer being "yes!"

Be reasonable with your check-in times!  Depending on your housekeeping schedules, try to provide an earlier check-in than your park provides if possible.









     Often THE most "debated topic" with Holiday Homes!  Obviously one person's view of "clean" is not necessarily the same as anothers.... but there are basic standards that should be met and       on the "flip-side" of that, minor issues that should not be raised as "complaints!"





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