Charity Support

Unfortunately there are only "so many" charities or charity events that can be supported. 

Als Van actively supports our two chosen charities which are detailed below...  we regularly donate breaks away at Als Van and we try to support both where ever and when ever we can....

Take a read through and please feel free to donate to either cause!


The figures are SHOCKING

Did you realise that 12-15 young people aged 30 and under die every week in the UK due to a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)?

Did you know that of those 12-15 deaths, 7 of those occur whilst the child is in school?

There are 10-14 cardiac related incidents in schools across the country on a weekly basis but having a defibrillator on the school premises is not a legal requirement and less than 10% of schools in the country have one.

Without immediate treatment from a defibrillator, 80% of SCA victims will die.

"The Heart4More Foundation was founded by Tobi Alabi in February 2014:- we are primarily an organisation which works with The Premier League, Professional Footballers Association, Professional clubs, Educational institutions and communities to raise awareness of cardiac related issues by providing Cardiac Health Workshops, donating defibrillators & running community heart screening days.

The first, in the world, in our field. 

To be the recognised by the world's largest domestic football league as a cardiac focused organisation to provide the dedicated services we do within the world of sport.We are one body, devoted to many hearts focused on saving lives and enhancing futures."

Tobi's story:

"Tobi joined Millwall FC as a schoolboy in 2002, and he was enrolled in the clubs academy in 2010. It was just over a year later, that the 17 year old Alabi made his first team debut whilst with the squad on tour in Ireland. He was awarded a professional contract a year later, after a number of loan spells away from the club.

On 15th October 2013, Tobi suffered a fatal collapse on the field of play, during a non league friendly vs Molesy FC. 

After being rushed to hospital, and undergoing a barrage of medical tests it was discovered his heart had stopped beating for a period of 5 minutes. Upon further testing it was advised he stopped playing professional football and had a heart monitor placed in his chest to pinpoint the cause of his problems.

Tobi was still only 19 years old at the time of this incident. In April 2014, Tobi suffered another collapse in his home on a Sunday morning. He was found lying lifeless on his bathroom floor, by his elder brother. Tobi was resuscitated and rushed to hospital, the heart monitor recorded that Tobi’s heart stopped three times for a period of three minutes on each occasion. It was from this information doctors identified Alabi had a mild case of HCM and had his second operation to implant a pacemaker and remove the heart monitor."

More details about the charity can be found here or you can contact Als Van's pal, Rhonda who is one of the main event fund-raisers for the charity.


We also support our UK Armed Forces.....

We have donated holidays to various events being held to raise funds for our lads and lasses.

We offer a standard 10% discount on all usual pricing to any member of the UK Armed Forces, (not applicable if the pricing has already been reduced or is already on an offer.)  

The discount can be applied to any member of the booking group that has previously served, or is currently serving in one of our Armed Forces.  Proof of service will be required at point of booking. 

Alternatively, the discount applicable can be donated to a military charity of your choice.

In loving memory of Als Van's Grandfather: Sgt Daniel Hedley

We recognise that there are simply 1000s of charities out there, all crying out for support and donations - but with regret, our chosen charities are as above and we are unable to donate to any other causes.