Managed Rentals

Als Van Managed Rentals was formed in late March 2017 to offer Holiday Home owners a management service for their private rentals.  

We have several years of experience within the Holiday Industry and can help alleviate the stress and the worry involved with a private rental.

So how do we work and what can we do for you?

Our aim is to take the stress of a private rental away from the owner!

Any owner who has dealt with a private rental is aware of the work involved, which can almost constantly "get in the way" of everyday life - which is where Als Van Managed Rentals steps in!

We do have further, more detailed information which we're happy to email over to you, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not AVMR is for you!  (We only want happy-owners on board with us!) Just email us and we can send it over to you.


  • We will actively advertise your Holiday Home across all social media sites, along with our own www (which you're on now and is steadily growing with regard to the number of new daily visitors!) and any other "free" avenue we come across....  If you want us to oversee any "paid-listing" advertising, we are happy to do this, (but the annual listing fee will obviously be at the owner's cost)
  • We create photo-collages and videos for your Holiday Home, which are also shared on the Als Van "You Tube" channel
  • Your Holiday Home is allocated its own dedicated pages on our www, along with availability calendar


We will oversee the entire booking process for you:

  • Answer any initial booking enquiries and deal with pricing quotes
  • Prepare booking forms
  • We use an on-line company to forward booking forms, whereby they can be signed straight away and returned on-line by the guest, the fees of which we cover.
  • We take the deposit payment from the guest and issue confirmation of booking and the receipt
  • All avenues of advertising are then shown as "booked" for those dates


We will oversee all guest payments:

  • Deposit
  • Damage bond
  • Holiday cost
  • Return of damage bond


Ultimately, the responsibility of "finding" a cleaner and agreeing a price is the owner's decision, (however, we do have a few contacts we can put you in touch with if necessary!)  Once you have a suitable cleaner, if required we can oversee:

  • All change-over clean schedules
  • Payment to your cleaner


We all hope it never happens - but it does unfortunately....  AVMR  requires every cleaner to submit a quick report to us after each change-over, so any problems with departure are apparent.

  • We will deal as "first port of call" with any problem arising from the guest on arrival, or any issue your cleaner may discover on departure.  This may result in contact with you as the owner if the situation involves repairs etc


As part of the managed rental - we will provide all of the following to the guest for each rental:

  • Booking forms
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Deposit Receipt
  • Receipts with every payment made, including current holiday balance statement, (which shows details of previous payments made)
  • Arrival Pack
  • Damage bond return notice

These are personalised to your Holiday Home, using the logo you will be allocated (you can see examples of these on each Holiday Home's page on our www!)


Between 10-14 days prior to arrival, each guest receives an "Arrival Information Pack" from us, which contains details of arrival and departure times, key collection and return details, along with any specific instructions relevant to your Holiday Home and driving directions from their home postcode to your Holiday Home location.


  • Meticulous records are kept for each rental, which are forwarded to the owner at end of season, or on request at any point through the year. 
  • As payment is made to you for each rental, details of that particular rent are also forwarded, (see below!)
  • We keep an up-to-date statement of payments made for your Holiday Home rentals (by guests) and outgoings from it (cleans, AVMR fees) which will be forwarded to you with your rental records. 

OWNER PAYMENTS: (The important bit!)

Obviously, any guest payment made in advance is not "disposable income" until the rental has taken place and has gone smoothly!  However, AVMR sees no reason to "keep hold" of your rental income longer than necessary!

  • On completion of the rental; the funds due to you, minus any cleaning costs and AVMR fees are forwarded to you by bank transfer as soon as possible after the departure date.  When payment has been made, a screenshot is forwarded to you, along with details of the rent it refers to. 


We can prepare an information folder and a guest book to keep at your Holiday Home for guest use.  Just ask for more details!


By "coming on board" with Als Van Managed Rentals by no means = you can't use your own Holiday Home!

Just let us know when you want to use your Holiday Home, or let family or friends stay and we can show the dates as "unavailable" for rental - please do remember this is YOUR Holiday Home!!

We're here to help meet those site fees - but we don't "own" your Holiday Home!

What we need from you:

  • Please check our "general" Terms and Conditions... these will be individually tailored to your Holiday Home and your rental needs - but we need to ensure they are 100% correct for what you require from your rentals.
  • We need to be updated of any changes to details regarding your Holiday Home, or what you intend to include in your rentals.
  • You need to supply any private rental forms required by your park, so we can complete and forward them as the Holiday Company require and you need to authorise us to deal with rentals on your behalf to your park.  This includes details of park pass prices, where applicable.
  • We will need up-to-date details and photos of your Holiday Home to work with!
  • Please ensure your safety certificates (gas and electric) are up-to-date!  
  • Please ensure you have adequate insurance for rentals!
  • Responsibility for the Holiday Home and its contents will remain with the owner at all times

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