Terms & Conditions

Holidays with AVMR


They are important!

By signing the booking form and making a deposit payment; you are confirming you have read, and agree to all the Terms and Conditions relevant to the Holiday Home you are booking, which are all legally binding.

You will receive a full copy of the Terms and Conditions relevant to your chosen Holiday Home with your booking forms.


If any of your party show symptoms, or have been diagnosed as positive, within 21 days prior to your arrival date: you must not proceed with the reservation and you must not travel to the holiday home.  Please inform us asap.  You will be offered alternative dates (subject to availability), but a refund cannot be issued.

If any of your party develop symptoms during your stay: you must inform us, vacate the property immediately and return to your home address.  You are not permitted to self-isolate at the holiday home.  No refunds can be issued.

Should any cases be reported to us by guests during a reservation, where a physical stay has taken place at the holiday home: we will immediately contact the previous guests and the next guests due at the property.  Obviously action will be taken to deep-clean and sanitise the property straight away, but if you are due to stay after such an occurrence, you may choose to re-allocate your dates (subject to availability), or claim a full refund on your break.  No refunds can be issued for a retrospective stay.

The holiday home will be deep-cleaned and sanitised in-between each rental, which may delay our usual arrival times, but ensures our housekeeping teams have adequate time allocated between departures and arrivals.  We are taking all possible measures to avoid any cross contamination, but should you contract any illness during your stay, no liability is held by us.  You travel and proceed with your reservation at your own risk and we strongly advise arranging your own travel insurance.

The parks will have strict social distancing regulations in place, which must be adhered to during your stay.  Facilities, (bars, restaurants, clubhouse, pools, entertainment, play-areas), may be restricted due to the current governmental regulations.  Entertainment and Facility passes are not included in our usual holiday costing and always have to be purchased on arrival from the holiday parks direct, so effectively are an "additional extra" to your holiday.  

Should you have to re-allocate your holiday dates, new dates will be subject to availability and the cost may vary to your original booking.

If you have any questions at all - please just email us.


Your Booking:

Failure to disclose all relevant information on your booking form, failure to return the signed booking form, or non-compliance of the Terms and Conditions, will result in the termination of the reservation. The booking cannot proceed without the signed agreement.  

Your booking is non-transferable to any other person. Should you wish to exchange your booking for another property listed with Als Van Managed Rentals, this will be possible, (subject to availability), but a fee of £65 will be charged. 

ONLY those named on your booking form are permitted to stay over-night at the Holiday Home.  Spot checks are made to ensure this is adhered to.  Should this not be the case, you may be required to leave immediately: you will not be entitled to a refund and the damage bond will be retained.

Day visitors are permitted, but unless your visitors are named on the booking forms: they are NOT permitted to stay over-night. Day passes will be required if they wish to use the facilities at: Lyons Robin Hood

The number of people inside the Holiday Home must not exceed the maximum berth at any one time, unless prior arrangements have been made with us.  The maximum berth will be stated on the Terms and Conditions for your chosen Holiday Home.

If alterations need to be made to your booking; you will receive a new booking form and will be required to re-sign for the reservation to proceed. There will be a nominal £15.00 administration fee charged to alter details of any booking and for the booking form to be re-sent to you for re-signing.

Rights are reserved to refuse to accept a booking without further explanation.


Non-Refundable Deposit:

As from 01-09-18, a deposit of £75 is required for ALL bookings to secure your holiday dates.

NO dates will be "held" until the deposit has been paid.

The deposit is deducted from your overall holiday cost and is not an additional charge.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.

Refundable Damage Bond:

As from 01-09-18, a damage bond of £75 is required for all new bookings.  For all returning guests, this will remain at £50.  This increase is due to the amount of guest-damage caused to our properties through the 2018 season.

The damage bond is an additional charge to your holiday cost.

The damage bond will only be refunded to the person who originally paid it and not to any other guest named on the booking forms, nor any other parties. 

The damage bond is fully refundable: on your departure, if the Holiday Home has been left in an acceptable condition with no damage, or breakages: the damage bond will be returned to you within 14 days of the departure date.

Should the Holiday Home be left in an untidy or dirty condition, or damages be found, you may forfeit some, or all of the damage bond. Under these circumstances, photographic evidence will be taken and forwarded to you.   



The non-refundable deposit secures your holiday dates.  Dates will NOT be held without this payment.

All holiday balances must be cleared in full 6-weeks prior to your arrival date: the payment due-date will be clearly shown on your booking form.  We are happy to accept instalments for any AVMR holiday: we don't have a set amount or a date for payments, as we understand some months are more expensive than others!  A receipt, plus a balance statement is issued with every payment made, so you will always "know where you are" with it all!

If you should have difficulty in meeting your payment due-date, please contact us.  We are happy to help if we can, but it is your responsibility to meet your payments - so "informing" us of a later payment date rather than "asking", is not acceptable!

Payment details will be on your booking forms, but can be made via: direct bank transfer to the AVMR business account, cheque or postal order, (funds must clear before your dates can be secured), card payments can be accepted on-line or over the 'phone - a booking fee of £15 is applicable.


The final balance MUST be paid and cleared in full by the due date specified.

Should any of the balance remain outstanding by 5pm on the due date, your reservation will be cancelled, the deposit and any monies previously paid will be non-refundable due to non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions.     


In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to cancel or alter your booking. If this should occur, you will be informed asap and given the options of booking a suitable alternative date, (subject to availability), or a full refund of any monies already paid. 

Refunds or alternative dates cannot be applied whereby cancellations have been necessary due to “force majeure” (circumstances beyond control, such as but not limited to, natural disasters, technical problems, industrial disputes, bad weather etc.)

If you have not arrived on site by 10:00am on the day following your due arrival and have not made contact, it will be assumed that the booking is cancelled and the total holiday cost plus the damage bond will be retained.  

Should you decide to leave your holiday early, no refund will be applicable. 

If you decide to cancel your booking, cancellation fees (which are in accordance with all major Holiday Parks), are as follows:  

Holidays with AVMR

Your Holiday:

Your holiday is on a self-catering basis.  Unfortunately, no maid service is available!

All utilities, (gas, electric and water), are included in the overall cost of your break on a fair-use basis.  Any excessive use of gas or electricity will be charged for.  

Electric / Hybrid vehicles must NOT be charged from the Holiday Home, as this is against the site regulations, may cause the electrical systems to trip and is classed as excessive use of electricity by the Holiday Park - for which you will be fined.

You have full use of all the items provided in the Holiday Home.  It is your responsibility to ensure all items and appliances are used correctly.  No liability is held for the mis-use of any item or appliance.

All items and appliances within the Holiday Home are used at your own risk.

Damages or Breakages:

The Holiday Home is thoroughly checked prior to your arrival.

If any problems are found that cannot be rectified before your arrival date, you will be notified immediately along with the details in place to rectify. If this affects your stay, you will be notified accordingly of any % of refund due to you, or given the opportunity to book a suitable alternative date at the same price as the original agreement (subject to availability.)

Should any damage or breakages occur during your stay, contact must be made immediately (all contact details are supplied in your "Arrival Information Pack.")  You are liable for any repair or replacement costs applicable. This will be deducted from the damage bond paid, or you can replace yourself on a like-for-like basis.  Please “make contact” as minor breakage replacements may not be necessary! (glasses, cups etc!) 

Should any damage or breakages be found after your departure, you will be notified of the details as soon as possible and you will be forwarded photographic evidence. You are liable for all repair or replacement costs, which will be deducted from the damage bond. 

Should repair or replacement costs be greater than the damage bond paid, you will be held liable and will be invoiced accordingly as soon as possible after your departure date. The invoice will be required to be paid in full within 14 days of its date. Should the invoice not be paid, legal action will be taken to recover the costs involved and you will be held liable for all legal fees incurred. 

Should any damage or breakages affect subsequent bookings in any way, you will be held liable for any % of refund costs incurred and will be invoiced accordingly. Should the invoice not be paid, legal action will be taken to recover the costs involved and you will be held liable for all legal fees incurred.

Should any “accidents” such as urine, blood or food stains occur to the linen or mattress/pillow protectors during your stay, you are expected to launder these on site asap or replace.  Linen is obviously regularly laundered in-between guests, but this sort of “soiling” is expected to be dealt with by you asap. The charges for any additional or badly soiled laundering required after your departure is £20.00, which will be deducted from your damage bond. 

Should mattresses or pillows be damaged, you will be held liable for the replacement costs plus delivery fees incurred.   

Check-In & Departure:

You will be informed of the earliest arrival and latest departure times within your "Arrival Information Pack", which you will receive around 7-10 days prior to arrival. This will be dependant on other bookings, but it will be endeavoured to give you the longest time possible on site. 

The times you will be given are non-negotiable.

Should you arrive early, you will be unable to access the Holiday Home before your specified check-in time.

Should you depart later than the specified check-out time, you may forfeit part or all of the bond: cleaning slots will have already been booked and if delayed:- this will affect the arrival of any subsequent guests. 

If you are relying on transport that has been delayed etc, you MUST vacate the Holiday Home at the specified time and arrange to meet your transport elsewhere on site.

You are expected to leave the Holiday Home clean and tidy on your departure; failure to do so may result in a deduction or full retention of the damage bond paid. 

If you should happen to leave any possessions behind, they can be returned to you by post: the postage costs will be deducted from the damage bond paid.

You must ensure the Holiday Home is secure on your departure.  The damage bond will be retained in full if the Holiday Home is left unsecured.


Details of key collection and return will be sent to you in the "Arrival information Pack" prior to arrival. 

The keys MUST be returned as per instructions by the specified departure time, or you may forfeit some or all of the bond paid.  Failure to return the keys as specified will result in a full retention of the damage bond and you will be held liable for any additional costs incurred regarding lock replacement.  

You will be held liable for any loss of keys during your stay and the cost of lock and key replacement should this occur and for any damage caused to key safes where applicable.    

Entertainment & Facility Passes:

Some Holiday Parks will require "passes" for you to be able to use their facilities, (pools, Entertainment complex etc) and you will be unable to use the facilities, without a valid pass.  All pass details are listed on our Holiday Park and Holiday Home pages.

Should you be unable to produce a valid pass, you will be required to leave the Entertainment Complex area immediately.  Should any member of staff ask to see your pass, you must produce it.  

You are not permitted to bring your own food or drinks into the complex, bar area, or into any of the facility buildings. Any products found will be confiscated immediately and you may be asked to leave the premises.

Alcohol will only be served to persons over the age of 18 and proof of age may be asked for.  

Use of The Holiday Home:

Illegal substances of any kind will not be tolerated. You will be required to leave immediately if any evidence is found, or any reports are made of such usage, in or around the Holiday Home during your stay. NO illegal substance is permitted to be kept in or around the Holiday Home at any time. The damage bond paid will immediately become non-refundable should ANY evidence of this be found.

You are expected to respect the property and its contents at all times and may forfeit part or all of the damage bond if this is not adhered to. 

Noise nuisance will not be tolerated:- music can only be played until 12-midnight, (park regulations.) 

You are advised not to permit other holiday-makers inside the Holiday Home. (Simply as you will then become responsible for their behaviour and actions and are leaving yourself open to possible repercussions...) 


Children MUST remain the responsibility of their parents or carers at ALL times. 

Should your children take part in any of the activities on site, please be aware that site staff are NOT responsible for them during this time and any activity should not be viewed as “childcare.”  

You MUST ensure your children are aware that they must always obey the instructions given to them by all members of staff, including the Entertainments Teams, Sports Instructors, Lifeguards and other staff on site: which are only in place for their safety and well-being.

Your children are expected to be polite to all site users and staff at all times.   

Infectious Diseases:

Should ANY member of your party contract an infectious disease during your stay, you must either remain confined to the Holiday Home, or leave site to prevent the spread of infection, (park regulations.) No refunds are offered in these circumstances, but the damage bond will remain refundable.    

Same-Sex Groups / Age Limits

All UK Holiday parks have certain limits on same-sex groups:- most parks will not allow 3 or more same-sex groups to occupy one Holiday Home. This does not apply to same-sex couples, nor would it prevent family members from being able to book, (eg: grandmother, mother, daughter.) These are site regulations, simply to prevent large groups of same-sex parties from occurring on site, (such as stag or hen parties), as it is family-orientated at all times.

The lead party has to be 21 years of age at the point of booking.  If the lead party is 21 years of age, but the remainder of the group is under that age, your booking cannot be accepted.

Rights are reserved to refuse your booking based on the ages of your group, you will be advised as soon as possible should there be a problem with your booking requirements.        


Please be aware:- cats, rodents, small mammals, fish or birds are not permitted at any of the Holiday Homes. 

You MUST provide details of the breed of your pet(s) at the point of booking and rights are reserved for refusal.  The following breeds are NOT permitted on any park at any time (not limited to), Pit Bull Terriers, Cross Pit Bull Terriers, Dogo Aregentinos, Fila Brasillieros, Japenese Tosas.

All dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times on park, MUST be under the control of a responsible adult and MUST always wear a collar and identity tag, (site regulations.)

Each of our dog-friendly Holiday Homes has its own set guidelines for leaving a dog unattended inside the Holiday Home - these can be found on our dog-friendly page and will be included in the Terms and Conditions for your chosen Holiday Home.

Dogs are NOT permitted in any facility buildings at any time, with the exception of guide/aid dogs, (we will require documentation relating to their status.)

If your dog causes a nuisance to other park users, you may be asked to remove the dog, or be asked for the entire party to leave the site. No refund, including the damage bond, will be applicable.   

If it becomes apparent that a dog has stayed, but not declared at point of booking, the usual fee plus an admin charge of £10 will be deducted from the damage bond paid.

If it becomes apparent that a dog has stayed at one of our dog-prohibited properties, the entire damage bond will be retained.


STRICTLY NO SMOKING in any of the AVMR Holiday Homes, or on outside decking where applicable.  You will forfeit all of the damage bond paid without further discussion, if evidence is found this has not been adhered to.

Although all has been done to prevent smoking within the Holiday Homes, with regret it cannot be guaranteed that these are 100% smoke-free, or free from other possible allergens.

In accordance with current legislation, as from July 1st 2007, all facility buildings are non-smoking areas.


Obviously, the main appliances in the Holiday Homes are gas-run. It is your responsibility to ensure ALL appliances are turned off when leaving the Holiday Home unattended. Should an incident occur due to your negligence, you will be held fully responsible. 

NO candles are to be used inside the Holiday Homes at any time. 

Under NO circumstances are BBQs of any kind permitted within the Holiday Home, or on the decking where applicable. 

Do not cover any electric heaters that may be in situ.

Do not touch any wires, pipes, or gas-cylinders that you may see connected to the Holiday Home and please do not allow your children to play near them.

Outdoor BBQs are permitted on some Holiday Parks, (you will be advised for your chosen Holiday Home within your Arrival Information Pack), but a responsible adult must be present at all times and you must ensure they are suitably extinguished before leaving them unattended.

Any wind-breakers, or other obstructions (garden furniture), outside the Holiday Home MUST be removed each evening to ensure access for emergency vehicles if necessary.     

Site Grounds:

There may be small insects on site that may find their way into the Holiday Home – which is unavoidable and no responsibility can be taken for. 

You are expected to respect all site grounds and will be required to leave immediately if this is not adhered to, with no refund and the bond will be non-refundable.

Unreasonable Behaviour:

During your stay, you are expected to respect the Holiday Home, the park, the park facilities, its staff and those staying around you. You will be asked to leave immediately if any unreasonable behaviour occurs from ANY member of your party that may impair the enjoyment, comfort or health of any guests or staff. This includes, (but is not limited to), verbal and physical abuse.  You will not be entitled to a refund and the bond will be non-refundable should these circumstances occur.  Any reports of unacceptable behaviour during your stay will forfeit the bond paid.   



There are strict low-speed speed limits on park, which MUST be adhered to at all times to ensure the safety of children and visitors on site.

Drivers MUST hold a current driving licence for the vehicle being driven.

All vehicles on site MUST have a current MOT + road tax (where applicable) and insurance.

You leave your vehicle and contents on park at your own risk.

NO drink-driving is tolerated on park. Any reported incidents will result in you being immediately removed from site, with no refund applicable, the bond paid will be non-refundable and the incident will be reported to the local Police services by the Holiday Park.


It is IMPERATIVE if you should have ANY complaint, contact is made immediately. You will be provided with relevant contact numbers in your "Arrival Information Pack."

Any complaints made AFTER your departure will not be considered or upheld.

Arrangements will be made straight away to rectify the situation. Should this not be possible, you will be informed of the date rectification can be made. Should this impair your break in any way, you will be informed of the % of refund you are due in lieu of the situation.  

If the situation cannot be rectified to your satisfaction on arrival, you must NOT stay in the Holiday Home and a full refund will be issued. 

A FULL refund can ONLY be issued if NO over-night stay has occurred. 

No responsibility is accepted for any arising situations which affect areas, or the entire park, (such as loss of electricity/water etc.)

Any defamation of us as a Company, or any of the Holiday Homes rented through AVMR will be taken seriously and action will be taken, including but not limited to all social media sites.    


No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to you or your possessions during your stay. 

You are strongly advised to seek your own travel insurance   

Information Protection:

The information you provide on your booking form is held securely and will not be passed to other parties at any time, unless legally required by the Holiday Parks, or for the purposes of crime prevention.

You should be aware, that some CCTV cameras are present on park for crime prevention and safety reasons.

Your information may be used at a future date to inform you of any forthcoming offers regarding Holiday Home rentals. If you do not wish to receive this information, please just email with the word “STOP” in the subject line and you will receive no further communication.    

Copyright: AVMR 2021

Disclaimer: All information shown regarding the Holiday Home and contents are provided by the owners. Holiday Park details may be subject to change by each park. AVMR accept no responsibility for any information shown that may be out of date or incorrect.  The responsibility of each Holiday Home, its maintenance and its contents belong to the relevant owner.