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"I first had contact with Ali when I listed one of my caravans with the company she previously worked for. Then I noticed she had set up her own caravan management company, so I sent her a message. I asked Ali a lot of questions, which she was more then helpful in answering and by the end I was very happy to let Ali take over the rental of our 2 caravans. Ali works extremely hard to get our caravans rented out: I had only been on her books a couple of days and she had got me a booking. I am always kept updated with everything and if I have any questions she is always happy to help."  

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"I first got to know Ali through another advertising platform that she worked for.... Ali then went self employed managing vans and came recommended by her previous employer to whom I know through the same channels. It was a big commitment for me to hand my van over to an 'agent', as I'd had my fingers burnt by another 'agent'.... however, Ali has completely changed my opinion back.... that you can 'trust agents'....Within days, she had secured me numerous bookings.... you don't have to handle full reigns over to her either.... you can still manage your own bookings too (as I do) and have Ali too....Communication with her is extremely easy and straight forward....Highly recommended...."

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"We first met Ali in 2017.  From the first conversation, we knew we'd made the right move in asking Ali to let our van out for us.  Always there 100% with answers to any questions or concerns that we had, with us being newbies!!! 

We've had to make the exceptionally hard decision to let our caravan go, after such a short time, due to the unpleasant nature of the site owners. 

Ali has again, been 100% there for us throughout all of this and if we were to go "static" again somewhere else, the first person to get our call, is Ali. 

Thank you for everything Ali. We'll miss you xxx"  


"We'd "met" Ali through her previous employment at a holiday home lettings agency and had no concerns at all about joining her new company for managed rentals.  Both of our holiday homes were listed with AVMR (until we decided to sell them)

We were 100% happy with the service provided.  We were supplied with records every 3-months which detail each rental and the financial transactions involved.  Everything is completely transparent.  Ali works her fingers to the bone with adverts & producing new advertising media, haven't known her to take a day off as yet! Using Als Van Managed Rentals didn't stop us from using our Holiday Homes ourselves at all - we'd just let her know when we're staying.  Very happy with the service we received and would thoroughly recommend to other owners."  


"At beginning of the 2017 opening season, on spur of the moment, I contacted Ali to see if she could start managing our caravans as our daughter had become very poorly and couldn't do it ourselves. Ali, without any hesitation, said she would be willing to take over. After looking over terms everything was perfect. It's not easy handing over your caravan to a total stranger, as it was our first season as owners, but Ali made it so easy and comfortable and keeps us up-to-date with everything via email and a social media group. Ali is a very reliable, sensible and very trustworthy person. Everything is always put down on paper and sent to you, so you're always in the loop with how things are going. Bookings coming in thick and fast. Just want to thank you Ali for everything you are doing."