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QUESTIONS?  The answers are here!

BEFORE YOU BOOK:  Please be aware that all of the Holiday Homes you see here are privately-owned, not site-rentals! As such:- you will receive a quality and personal service from point of booking through to your actual stay and all of the Holiday Homes and their contents are of a much higher standard that you will expect to receive through a direct site booking.

In return - you are expected to treat the Holiday Homes with respect!


Length of Stay:

Our minimum stay is 2-nights, but be aware, the longer you stay: the cheaper the nightly rate becomes!


To obtain an on-line quote - or to BOOK:

  • Input your required holiday dates onto the search bar of our booking page and click "check availability"
  • Choose your holiday home
  • Change the "0" to "1" 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions 

Or you can email us direct and we can book you in manually

Late Bookings:

The on-line system has been set to a minimum of 36-hours notice for bookings by default, to prevent any last-minute-booking problems... BUT: we are able to accept bookings up to midday on the day prior to arrival, which will need to be done manually: so just email!

Booking Forms:

We ask that our booking forms are completed by you, which will show details of your reservation and our Terms and Conditions for that particular property. These will be emailed to you for checking and signature (they can all be completed on-line and is all very easy!), we can post out to you on request.  The reservation is not complete until this has been processed by you.


The non-refundable deposit secures your holiday dates.  Dates will NOT be held without this payment.

All holiday balances must be cleared in full 6-weeks prior to your arrival date: the payment due-date will be clearly shown on your booking form.  We are happy to accept instalments for any AVMR holiday: we don't have a set amount or a date for payments, as we understand some months are more expensive than others!  A receipt, plus a balance statement is issued with every payment made, so you will always "know where you are" with it all!

If you should have difficulty in meeting your payment due-date, please contact us.  We are happy to help if we can, but it is your responsibility to meet your payments - so "informing" us of a later payment date rather than "asking", is not acceptable!

Payment details will be on your booking forms, but can be made via: direct bank transfer to the AVMR business account, cheque or postal order, (funds must clear before your dates can be secured), card payments can be accepted on-line or over the 'phone - a booking fee of £15 is applicable.

Non-Refundable Deposit:

As from 01-09-18, a deposit of £75 is required for ALL bookings to secure your holiday dates.

NO dates will be "held" until the deposit has been paid.

The deposit is deducted from your overall holiday cost and is not an additional charge.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstance.

Refundable Damage Bond:

As from 01-09-18, a damage bond of £75 is required for all new bookings.  For all returning guests, this will remain at £50.  This increase is due to the amount of guest-damage caused to our properties through the 2018 season.

The damage bond is an additional charge to your holiday cost.

The damage bond is fully-refundable IF our Terms and Conditions are adhered to during your stay.

Number of Guests:

Bookings cannot be taken over the berth of the Holiday Home, or the maximum number of guests our owners have specified to us.  This INCLUDES infants:-  babies are still classed as "people" for booking purposes.

We reserve the right to refuse bookings if necessary without further explanation.

Offers and Discounts:

AVMR often runs offers or discounts throughout the year:- some of these require full payment at point of booking to qualify for the discount offered.  Please ensure you are familiar with the requirements before you agree to book!

All offers still require a damage bond and are still subject to all the usual Terms and Conditions.

Entertainment & Facility Passes:

The reason most Holiday Parks have "passes" is a simple one: most Holiday Parks are licensed under private club UK licensing laws and therefore requires membership to be able to use the facilities, hence the passes. Not all Holiday Parks require passes, but most do and depending on the park: will have to be purchased by you on arrival, so are not included in our holiday quote and will be an additional cost to consider before you book.

All pass-prices, where applicable, are shown on our park and holiday home pages.

Be aware, most park facilities close each year when the site-rentals stop: after the October half-term break, so any holiday taken after then will not require the passes - simply as there will be no facilities available to you!


Duvets and pillows are provided as standard at all of the AVMR Holiday Homes, mattress and pillow protectors are in place.

  • Bed linen provided as standard, with beds made on arrival at a charge of £25: Sycamore
  • Bed linen, with beds made on arrival at a charge of £10 for a double and £5 for single: Ruth's Rest and Ruth's Retreat


Infant Equipment:

Some of our Holiday Homes can provide a few items that may help with your holiday-packing!

  • Travel cot can be provided free of charge: Ruth's Rest, Ruth's Retreat and Sycamore.  Must be requested at point of booking and you are expected to fold it down before your departure!
  • Highchair can be provided free of charge: Ruth's Rest, Ruth's Retreat and Sycamore. Must be requested at point of booking and you are expected to clean it and fold it down before your departure!
  • Bed-guard can be provided free of charge: Ruth's Rest and Ruth's Retreat.  Must be requested at point of booking and you are expected to fold it down before your departure!


We have dog-friendly, no dogs permitted and 100% dog-free properties available.  Please be aware, there is a subtle difference between "no-dogs" and "dog-free!"  The ONLY time a property can be declared as 100% pet-free, is if no animal has ever been inside the property at any point: so this would have to be a brand-new property at point of purchase only:- as any other purchase cannot guarantee previous occupancy prior to sale.

We do strictly enforce our "pet-rules" - as obviously, sometimes allergies are involved which can have serious consequences.  We ask that you respect this.

Please be aware:- cats, rodents, small mammals, fish or birds are not permitted at any of the Holiday Homes. 

  • DOG-FREE:  No animal has been permitted inside the property at any point
  • NO DOGS: No pets are permitted to stay, but previous occupancy cannot be guaranteed
  • DOG-FRIENDLY: Dogs are welcome to stay, charges are made at £10 per dog or £15 for two, and must be compliant with the guidelines on our dog-friendly page: Ruth's Rest, Ruth's Retreat and Sycamore


ALL of the properties listed with AVMR are STRICLY non-smoking: this includes any outside decking areas.

Arrivals & Departures

Once your holiday payments are complete, (hurrah!), approximately 10-7 days prior to your arrival you will receive our "Arrival Pack" via post to your home address.  This contains all the information you will need for your arrival, including key collection and return details, location of the Holiday Home (with a park map!) and arrival and departure times.

We try our best to give you the longest possible time on your holiday, but arrival and departure times will depend on other bookings:- as we have to allow our house-keeping teams enough time to prepare the Holiday Home in-between rentals.  Usual arrival times are 2pm, with departure at 10am.  If we can alter these for you, we will!